Part 1: Analysis

The first step was to do a deep analysis of the process of ordering tickets on the site I redesigned. I wrote out as many steps as I could until the actual "place order" button. I also performed a competitive analysis to find online ordering/ticket systems that are good.

Part 2: Customer Research

I create multiple process flows for different situations that users would possibly be visting the site, and tested them on the current stowe site.

I created multiple personas of fictional users for my online store application. These outlined the specific needs, personalities, and situations of possible users.

I designed a "master" process flow for my re-engineered site based on the customers needs. This chart shows the path from searching for the right ticket to actually purchasing tickets.

Part 3: Wireframes

After dicussing usability of my process flow, I created wireframes. The wireframes were critiqued and revised multiple times based on usability input.

Part 4: Initial Mockups

I made two options for the design of the site, and a desktop and mobile version for each design. I ended up using combined elements of both designs, seen in the revised mockups. These responsive sites were created for specific tasks for the tester to attempt. I observed their interactions with my app, and documentented what improvements could be made.

Part 5: User Testing

Script 1 - A new user, age 22 is looking to ski one time only.

Script 2 - A returning customer bought a lift ticket but forget to purchase an evolution stowe card.

Script 3 - Desktop User: The date is 10/30/15. A new user who is a senior is planning on skiing a lot this season. They do not want to spend more than $600. They do not live in a nearby county.

Script 4 - Mobile User: An adult who is a returning customer has a friend who is the same age. Their friend bought a lift ticket but forgot that they need rentals. The customer wants to buy a skiing rental package with a helmet for their friend.

Script 5 - Mobile User: A new customer wants to purchase a gift card for their child's birthday. They do not plan on spending more or less than $100.

While doing the user testing I realized that the users don't really read anything. It was difficult for most to understand the difference between the ticket options especially if they haven't skied before. Another issue that I came across would be would be the difference between buying the season pass before/after certain dates, since the change in price fluctuates depending on the date during the season it would be much simpler to have a filterable chart for that option as well.